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Mat_Agnesi - 3x Radeon HD 5770 - 381744 marks Aquamark


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Hey!!! My cup!!???


Lol nice trick and good efficiency on your run :)

I have no backup and noway to improve cus not every card to do it.


I still have 3 but 2x Hawk (just 1x CF connector per card) and 1x VaporX (2 CF connector)

My setup was built with 2x VaporX and 1x Hawk in 1st slot...


With higher CPU clock you can easely go higher ;) Keep pushing!!

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Mainboard does not have official support for 3-way SLI/CFX, but it works and works incredible well with these 3 gpu ! Very smooth, without stuttering, and Never hang up during tests.


After All benchmarks the max TEMP is only 59° on VGA #2 (The VGA on the middle).

GPU Core freq can be raised more, but to do this I need to volt mod the VGA 3#. (It's the only unmodded card and does not support software voltage control!)



P.S. Why MSI put only one CFX connector on the 5770 ?

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