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Hello guys, got a question for ya. I got myself $100 of Walmart Gift cards to get rid of. I already have an ASUS P8Z68-V PRO (not gen3) laying around and I'm wondering if it's a good idea to use that walmart money to order a Pentium G630 and a tiny bit of HyperX DDR3 1333mhz ram. It says the ram is stock 1.5volt so maybe with a bit more voltage I can get 1600-1866 or so and oc the cpu a bit.


I'm wondering how much of an increase in 3DM03 Scores I can get going from some slightly OC'd C2D's and Athlon 64's and original Phenoms all running on DDR2.


Thanks and happy holidays!

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I kept checking ebay and the local market places all the time. Almost impossible to get this card.


Yeah thats the point, its allmost impossible :P

But i have some hopes tomorrow, i will check some local Hardware sellers for used GPUs:D


Edit, i found one in an complete new PC, but dont want to buy an hole PC, lol:p

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hi all

I submitted an AMD superpi score on the 22nd and it still hasn't been added to the uk team score


have I missed something out, it says I got 3 points for it


Because your team has an better AM3 submit:D




So yours doesnt count;)


Edit, damn the greeks have all Hardware on the planet:p

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