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xbeaTX - GeForce GTX 680 @ 1476/1877MHz - 46177 marks 3DMark Vantage - Performance


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Kingpin has needed 1920Mhz on GPU to get 50044 GPU Score. And You get 50353 GPU Score with 1476Mhz? I am Sorry. I dont think so.

If it a tweak...Congratulations! He works very good. :) I want to have it... ;)

But if you look to all other Gpu Scrores (GTX680´s)....on average 45 -46000... Whatever how big the System is...




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ah ok ... you are the genius who reported my submission! FYI it has been checked and approved.

obviously i've used LOD tweaking... since it's a new thing, it's ordinary that you find a few submissions with a score like that ... soon you will see the new result of kingpin ... I expect your next post begins with "I'm sorry ..." .


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I have NOT reported your submission! Only ask some question... not more. No reporting, no call any Hwbot moderators.

LOD is not new. I use the same Tweak. Here in forum is a thread about that. ;)

But a high GPU score how you have .... ??.

I have my answer.. more i dont need.

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