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The official Overclockers.com Benching Team SuperPi Competition! thread.


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That's pretty funny!


For all participants, be sure you use the official contest background released here when submitting (to help confirm your results were obtained during the competition):



Direct link:


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Yes, your score is invalid if you didn't include the contest background. If you could re-run your benchmarks with the contest background you'll be good to go. Or just make sure you include it when you post your faster scores ;)

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When I placed the first results only existed it stages 1 and 2. Now it has 8 stages. Would be possible the moderator to also transfer my results of stages 7 and 8 to 1 and the 2 and results of stages 1 and 2 for 7 and 8? I will have that to post it again? Is it Core 2 Mobile T2050 include in stages 3 and 4?


Thanks for help.

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it seems that i can't post my benchmark under section 4 with my core 2 E6850 and i also can't update my score from section 3 with my new score..here are the links,thank you

super pi 1M: http://hwbot.org/community/submission/987953_paul678_superpi_core_2_e6850_3.0ghz_13sec_292ms

super pi 32M:http://hwbot.org/community/submission/987958_paul678_superpi_32m_core_2_e6850_3.0ghz_14min_13sec_525ms

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As has been discussed, the contest did not end when it was requested to. This was a limitation of the competition platform at hwbot, and outside the control of Overclocker's Benching Team. Regardless, I apologize to those who were affected. We will be more aware of these sorts of complications, and will take good faith steps to avoid them in the future. We appreciate hwbot's assistance and efforts while hosting this competition! Thank you hwbot, massman, and rb for your help!


Winners and entries are being evaluated based upon the existing rankings listed on the contest page from 1st to 10th place in each stage. Prize pack winners will be announced officially through Overclockers.com, very soon. We'll update this thread at that time also.


Also, please note that the points displayed for submissions on each stage are incorrect. For how points are assigned, and how winners are determined, reference the rules announced officially here:



Those rules are also listed correctly on the hwbot competition page here:



Points summary: 1st place in a stage gets 10 points, 2nd place gets 9, and so on until 10th place gets 1 point. Points in 1M and 32M for that platform are added together for each contestant's total score on that platform - 1156/1366, 775, or AMD.

Edited by I.M.O.G.
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