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Piledriver CPUz Records Not From AMD?

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Has anyone posted Piledriver records that aren't from binned AMD samples?


Interested to see if anyone has done anything interesting on CPUz records on retail piledriver CPUs.


Was thinking of buying, but with bulldozer many records were done on early retail samples. Most records I've seen currently on Piledriver have mentioned being sampled by AMD directly.

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Fyi, there are five types of CPUs:


- Retail: bought from shop.

- Media samples: chips that are sent to media, usually not preselected for overclocking.

- QA samples: chips that are shipped to mainboard vendors to do development and QA testing. No pretesting (usually average).

- Marketing samples: chips reserved for marketing events, usually not pre-binned but upon request they can be pre-selected.

- R&D samples: chips picked from the production line (or even especially designed) matching certain characteristics, usually very handpicked.


The "worst" handpicking takes place in the R&D sampling requests, which is basically scanning the production line for chips that have special characteristics (eg: current leakage). I'm not sure how it is with AMD, but for example Intel has a bunch of special CPUs in their labs that were produced only for internal R&D. For Intel CPUs, in general, on long-term some retail samples will match the internal R&D. For AMD, not sure.


But, as you can see with the 3770K, as long as you bin enough CPUs you can find a really good one. So, it's not like you really need the industry contacts to get the best one; in fact, sometimes these special handpicks are bad overclockers too! You can select a bunch of CPUs with the best potential on a scientific basis, but how far they can overclock is not guaranteed.

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Thanks Radip. That's at least one example of good retail results.


Should the people being sent cherry parts direct from the company be thinking about Pro League? (AMD is "todays" problem, but I mean in general.)


You are probably right (most already are in the pro league it looks like). However this isn't the reason I brought this up (I don't personally care what league others are in).


Having watched 5 piledriver CPU's jump me in the CPUz rankings, I was mainly just looking for personal reasons at how good/bad my odds might be of improving upon my existing decent score.

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