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KPC Ney pro model LN2 cooler for memory


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Hi :D,

Dominance was getting a little outdated and with the great mem OC on IVY and soon Haswell, I've made a new memory cooler. Should be available at the new year thru typical channels. Christian has it first and will help me get it just right for you guys. This will be the first "Pro" KPC model of containers. Who better to consult with on this project than one of the best memory OC'rs in the world... Main point of the cooler is to make it as easy as possible to mount and use on dimms with OR without spreaders. Removing spreaders is risky and in most cases not necessary, so this is your solution. Internals follow previous Dominance and I tried as much as possible to do something a little bit different looks and functionality wise than whats already out there with more style and competitive pricing. Hope u guys like it. It will be available in all new KPC colors..red,black, blue, and gold.









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Christian's KPC pro memory pot is coming! First production run done very soon..made a nice photo shoot here in the lab with it this week.


Black Venom 666 and Ney pro pot looks nice in red/black:



Freezing pics. Goal of this pot was to have a very versatile and easy to use mounting system that works with most brands of memory spreaders or no spreaders and still provide adequate heat dissipation for maximum extreme overclocks.







New bowl of cooler has much more volume this time around to hold more LN2/DI





Memory pot comes with Torx wrench to adjust the clamps fit on ANY spreader design. Can work with no spreaders too


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Nice color options Vince!


Acapulco Gold

Black Russian

Blue Dream

Purple Bubba



the springs on the venom make it look like it has coil overs. pretty cool imho



lol I know where are my Tein coil-overs for my Venom Vince:D


I am really liking the Gold pot, would look awesome on the OC Formula, so are they for sale yet?

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