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ASUS Open Overclocking Cup, Kiev, Ukrane...

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Because Asus doesn't pay HWBOT (doesn't support it) so there would be no info on hwbot, no news and so on ;) Who cares, that it was the biggest live event (contest) in Europe this year :D Remember that HWBOT stopped to be the portal who spreaded the name of overclocking, but now is a marketing machine for sponsors.

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I saw some pictures on PCLab.pl and HWBox.gr. And on the inevitable Facebook of course. If they wanted direct coverage on your (or other sites), they would've made sure that would have been the case as they have all the knowledge and resources for that. The fact that you weren't contacted directly means you either don't represent the target audience (local marketing) or are not "big" enough (ie: small userbase).


As far as I understand the contest, it was a local event with "celebrity" invites. Local event, ergo local media. Makes perfect sense.

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I will share some additional info and contest pics these weekends but firstly I'd like to say THANKS! to ASUS, Intel, Corsair, CoolerMaster and Kiev CyberSport Arena and personally slamms for making this event come true! They are not often mentioned but did great job and provided a big fun bunch to the OC community (at least to some guys for sure:)))

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