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8 Pack - GeForce GTX 680 @ 1610/1959MHz - 57401 marks 3DMark Vantage - Performance


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CPU was at 135.1 BLK for GPU tests and 134.3 for CPU Tests. BLK and memory speed defo helped alot along with selecting the best GPU speed where you gain most from Boost. Which for me gave worse results with the card above this frequency. Strange I know but I can only put it down to the level of boost being applied being dynamic somehow.

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Very nice result and with that type of cooling it's even more impressive :D


You should put the max boost frequency in the submission as it already caused confusion to Mehdi. In my case 1610 would mean 1960MHz but you are running MSI, so I have no idea.

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Well, we can all agree that Nvidia could make it more simple :D But the performance in benchmarks comes from the max clocks and if you have some monitoring software open you should see straight flat line at ~1960MHz during that run. It does not matter that much, but for some users it might be confusing if 680 is not familiar.

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