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DJRamses - Core i7 980 @ 5000MHz - 42947 marks PCMark 2005


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  • Crew

Here the rules of PcMark'05.


XP Startup < 220MB/s

Software ramdisk

MFT Software

Ramcache software

Any software or human interaction altering the perceived speed of the benchmark program, tricking it to believe it ran faster

Non-default (included with benchmark) web browser

Non-default (included with benchmark) audio/video codec

Non-default sector size

Lucid Virtu MVP

Flash2desktop software


Sorry DJRamses, but ramcaching isnt allowed,. so you delete this submission or I'll block.



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Yes i ve read this, bevor i submitted my score.

But i ve not use a Ramdisk or Ramcache.

Sorry, Ramcache and Diskcache is a big difference. I use a "legal and harmless" Disk Caching Software. Sorry thats a little mistake in your rules. And my VS Score is not the highest here... But...

For the Freedom here... i delete my submission!

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  • Crew

DJRamses have You used ram caching software ?, like I read before ?


This softwares are not allowed.


But if you have used Disk caching "hardware", please show pics of your rig with this and your Ssd/s in the same pic. :)


I can check ok. this, if you show pics ;)


PcMark'05 is constantly watched by the staff, 'cos (some guys) have committed excesses and we do not want that to happen again.


Thanks so much

Edited by Sweet
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