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Doc.Brown - Radeon HD 3870 @ 1228/1180MHz - 35107 marks 3DMark05


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Impressive GPU clock :)

Did you try to run 05 with xp or vista ? Vista is better for 05, and with this VGA I saw a lot of great score with XP... so, If your VGA is still alive, you can try.


And I know you are cooling limited with the CPU, so keep only 2 cores, you could run highter.Impressive GPU clock :)

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Yeah, I used brute-force :D Vista or 7 would give me higher score. I will rerun it in the future and I have a second identical card. You could probably try an external VRM :). If it's a bad memory chip, just search for another card (from my experience Sapphire with the dual slot cooler similar to 7900GTX is good)... However I think they are rare, have 2 of these :)

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Thanks guys :)

Not tried XP or Vista for the moment,like Wizerty says I had a lot of issue with RAM and they didn't want raising more also with more voltage,it's Hinyx chip and they're hot also at stock frequencies/voltage ...perhaps an ln2 session will be the solution to push them higher.

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