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Massman - FX-8350 @ 7983MHz - 11sec 281ms SuperPi


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Yes, it is. You need ~300-400MHz to compensate the bad performance.


Thats about right in my book.


- At 7.81GHz, Bulldozer could do 11s flat (really good efficiency). Massman is running 180MHz faster, yet scoring 281ms slower.


- I did 11.076s@7.782GHz on FX-8120 (not great efficiency). Massman is running 200MHz faster than me, but .2s slower.


- On Bulldozer, there are only 4 SP1M submissions above 7.9GHz, but all four are under 10.8s: http://url.hwbot.org/10PpQZt


So basically, at the same frequency of 7.9-8GHz, Bulldozer was about a half second faster than Piledriver in SP1M. With the right efficiency, 11.281s sp1m should be doable on bulldozer around 7.6GHz.


Really though, hardly anyone bothers running sp1m or sp32m on bulldozer or piledriver under LN2. No one has even ran sp32m on Piledriver above 7GHz.

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