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Need your opinion on these screenies


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  • Crew

1) How big is the chance of perfect similar subtest scores ?


Older legit 05 submitted score by user XXX :




New submitted ahum legit 05 score :




Exact the same subtest scores, however the final score differs...



Want some more ?


2) New submitted scores, same hardware but now in 3DMark06


How about these subtests ?


Older legit 06 submitted score done by user XXXX :



Similar subtests in same hardware ranking


New submitted ahum legit 06 score :





Ow really ? subtest scores differ from those in the final score tab... and are exactly the same as user XXXX


If I am right I want this guy outta here...

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  • Crew

Original 05 score was just above his score 47774 points : http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2230854_sidd_3dmark05_2x_radeon_hd_6870_47774_marks


M1K41L's 05 score score 47747 score : http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2341537_




Original 06 score 37378 idem ditto :http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2285943_rafudos_3dmark06_2x_radeon_hd_6870_37378_marks


M1K41L's 06 score 37373 : http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2341522_m1k41l_3dmark06_2x_radeon_hd_6870_37373_marks





Vantage 22880 score the same : http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2341795_ (look at the 0 ) real score 22882 here : http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2209915_kinhung_3dmark_vantage___performance_radeon_hd_6870_22882_marks/


Look here far lower GPU subtests (10-30fps on all tests ), yet M1K41L achieves a higher 03 score then the guy i crosschecked with ( other GPU )


and so on.... seems most of his scores are a work of art...





Some nice copy paste action, but he got sloppy :)


I hope he get's sanctioned accordingly

Edited by Leeghoofd
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  • Crew
There can only be one Sweet :P


Which ban is it ? 6 months , a year, perma ban ?


No...Christian is sweet too :P


At this moment , maybe tomorrow, We will decide how long.


Really apply a ban to someone is hard, but this is fair

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