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EKWB and SF3D OC cooperation


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How about full pot?


That would be a bad time on Samsung, -20c to -50c is more than enough.


PSC/BBSE would be nice to see at cooler temps, or just to see what it would pull down to when the pot is full and they are running 2+ volts.


The KPC Ney Pro with SF3D plates has been the coldest (-162c) I have ever seen on dimm temps, followed by the SF3D Triple Point and lastly the OG Dominance.

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I ran PSC at full pot but didn't gain much over -100°C with the particular bin I had on hand. This pot can do at least -185°C without problems.


You got the actual temp of the dimm to -185c?


I have never been able to do that with spreaders or without.


Either way I think I am going to have to try one of these out:)

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The awaited adapter plate for EK-SF3D Triple Point memory cooling is now here!


It features AMD S940/939/754 mounting hole pattern and you can fit:


1) single-stage or cascade phase change evaporator

2) CPU water block - for example EK-Supremacy - with TEC / Peltier

3) your old CPU pot if you have room for it


Universal mounting mechanism with very long countersunk M4 screws, washers, nuts, springs and thumb nuts will be included.





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