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[F3-19200CL8-2GBZHD] G.Skill RipZ 2400c8 (under cold. . .)

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I have a set of 2400C8 myself, but it's not too nice under cold.

What were the 'actual' memory temperatures in your runs?



-50c to -70c since I was lazy and just set the Triple Point on the dimms, no plates but I can see the plates making a huge difference since I was running full pot to get those temps.


The K probe was attached to heat sink of one of the dimms.

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Nice performance George !!!


thanks man




ditto to you mr


Did u tried twcl 6 ?

mine can't do it when +2600 cl7


twcl 6 @ 2600 c7 would complete the first four iterations and then not exact in round, but it is faster for sure at that speed, voltage did not help either (2.0v tested with no difference)


6 16.4 is the goal :)


but nice pictures


I know right, not sure why not in the low 17's with full bank and those timings, must be my wazza/os I think.


Strong results :)


Not quite as strong as your LN2 memory run, that was very sick you have an excellent chip.


you can buy these in TW for ~$650 per kit if you REALLY want it :D


ha that's what they cost brand new from Newegg at launch crazy they are still so high.

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