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Avexir Blitz II [Engineering Sample]


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Avexir is working on a new lineup of DDR3 high performance memory: Blitz II Series.


Blitz II Series lineup, will be characterized by the fancy looking lights. The memory stick will be made up by two different modules: DRAM module (basically the same used for the Core Series lineup) and the Tesla Module which provide the so called "Tesla Lighting Effect". Of course if the Tesla Module fails, the DRAM module will continue working with no problems.



"Blitz II Series" memory modules, will be marketed in the Q2 2013, both in dual and quad-channel kit with speeds going from 1600 MHz to 2800 MHz. Current ES (engineering sample) kits feature Elpida ICs, but the final versions will feature Hynix CFR/MFR.


Source: http://bobtweak.altervista.org/avexir-works-on-blitz-ii-series/

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Think we all hardly care about the bling bling factor, we want them too perform... and if this engineering kit resembles the dimensions of the retail version it will be the death to all high end air coolers due to the heatspreader/lightbar height. Secondly can we fill all banks as the dimms width seems...?

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Modders are the target for these rams... they focused mainly on the moudule's aesthetic.


I think that Blitz 1.1 will be designed and developed for overclockers, they might look similar to this (this is an old pic)



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