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Rbuass - Radeon HD 7970 @ 1700/1938MHz - 4089.42 DX11 Marks Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset


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Show me a loss in points that is bigger than the normal variance in score.


You open your overclocking utilities and use them before running the benchmark, but you are scared to open GPU-Z?


GPU-Z takes information from some registers in the card. Open GPU-Z before opening the benchmark, there will be no problem.


GPU-Z is too important to not have in a screenshot.

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At strong overclocking... each process can take some lit effort from the computer.

You can open CCC and Afterburner that's not freezing.... but you can not GPUz with 3 cards that's freezing immediatly.

Is the same you run Spi with CPUz opened before.

If you need really the max... and maybe you can lose a place because you got less than 1 point... is better to work this way.

In case of UH, Hwbot have all information is needed in the file... in Futuremark benchmarks, you can see at 3Dr file.

If you run to WR with GPUZ opened, you can be sure, it will be heavy enough to kill a lit bit of points.



P.S. each run... even you run same frequencies... will give you a different score...

Each temperature and run... will have differeent efficiency, because is impossible to keep temperature, voltage and efficiency exactly the same.

So... is better to cut all useless process to get the SO more light is possible :)

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