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Hey guys,


I've taken the liberty to create a new subforum only for AMD Thuban overclocking experiences. If you're testing a new board or CPU, you can share your findings and ideas here. Also, if you have questions regarding overclocking the Thuban, just post it here.


Have fun!

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Ran Prime 95 64bit and everest for well over 12hrs at the same time with these settings...


CPU bus: 250MHz /1.33V x 16 = 4013MHz Never got over 48c

CPU/NB: 1.125v

DDR3: 2000MHz /1.56v 9-10-9-27-40-2T Never got over 32c

PCIE: 100MHz

HT: 2006.8MHz 1.2v

NB: 1.1v Never got over 48c

SB: 1.11 Never got over 34c

NB 1.8: 1.802

MB: Never got over 26c

When I play Crysis my NB gets to 50 and I don't like that :(


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