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Submissions for the enthusiast league require photos of your computer, so we can verify the cooling method used. Please edit your submission and attach a picture of your computer if you want the global and hardware points count for your league position.


So what date did this rule begin? I have many submissions with the above comment> does that mean those submissions do not count even though they were submitted before the rule was in place?

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I've submitted a wrong result, got it deleted, but I still own 5 achievements that doesn't belongs to me.

They are Collect 1 golden cup ,Reach top-1000 of Overclockers League ,Reach top-750 of Overclockers League, Reach top-500 of Overclockers League , Reach top-200 of Overclockers league.


I already recalculated all achievements but it was useless.

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Sice last week I'm trying to join a brazillian tem (Team Noobs) but I'm always geting this error message, kind like if I try to create a team, not join.


Can you solve that for me please, joining me at that team?


My name is Wagner Costa Resende Filho and my nick at hwbot is wcrf.


Thanks in advance.

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I have submitted a wrong result. The I deleted, but i still own some achievements like "Reach top-0 of Overclockers League" and "Reach top-10 of Overclockers League". Already recalculated all the results and the achievements, but was useless.


By the way, my team is in position 80 due to the points boost of that failed submition. At the time it should be N°88.


Thanks in advance for solving this problems

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