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under what category does my cooling rig belong?

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well as the title says,i need to know under what category my cooling rig belongs...

simply put,its an air conditioner that has its evaporator submerged in antifreeze.now i think it should be under water cooling,but the air conditioner is technically a phase change cooler...


if you need to see it to understand,here is the build log: http://www.carbonite.co.za/f29/my-kinda-crazy-cheapo-cooling-rig-36459/

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Uh,well now this has become confusing...


There's been numerous discussions about this, basically because certain users can set up a WC loop with ambients sub-zero.


The general rule came down on the side of:


- As long as the coolant in your loop is water, stick it under water cooling.

- If you add anti-freeze to your cooler or something which freezes below 0, it comes under sub-zero.

- You are allowed to use a TEC/phase change water chiller on a pure water loop and still keep it as water cooling.


If ever the coolant touching the CPU goes below 0C, it becomes sub-zero.


All-in-one liquid coolers use ethylene glycol, which technically is liquid below zero, so as long as they are unmodded it still comes under water cooling.

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Ok. I think I got more confused,the coolant tends to remain just above 0,but its sporadic at best. The coolant is (as all antifreeze is) a mixture of water and in my case ethylene glycol.also I'm pretty sure that the mixture I used can't go sub zero ,as it tends to freeze (due to a poor ratio of water to antifreeze,because its cheap).

Howeaver,I see your point,If it is phase change,then what do I do about a submission I have made using this setup under watercooling,can I change it or do I have to delete it and resubmit?

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