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160L dewars (US)


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Thanks for the info.


I would be happy to advise on how to manage the fs section here, but couldn't contribute to ongoing maintenance. I would suggest completely at your own risk rules, and requiring sale threads at "home forums"... Home forums would have and enforce their own rules, and enforce them, lowering the burden on hwbot.


Would be great, especially for items like this with an extremely limited market.

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I'm also mod on PCGH Forums market place and therefor did a lot of stuff like that. Would moderate the FS section as I'd also like to see a fs section on here.

I agree on IMOG to do trades on your own risk tho. Therefore HWBot is not responsible for anything.


Everybody should act with a healthy suspicion. If a offer is too good to be true - stay away. Get copies of ID-cards and stuff like that. Not too hard :)


PJ is there some kind of valuations system available here? Some forums use this to evaluate trades. Easy to spot good traders then.


edit: Maybe we should continue the discussion here: http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=55319

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So tonight I accidentally bought a couple 160L dewars. I already have a 150, so extra aren't really needed.


Was there ever a decision made about if we are allowed, and how we should go about notifying other hwbot members about equipment we have for sale?

Umm, for below bargain basement prices I could probably be interested. That way I could sell off my 25L.


:x sorry if this isn't allowed. Interest can be taken to OCF :P


Outside of a super-ultra steal I wouldn't be able to afford one.

You live pretty close, so it isn't like delivery/transportation would cost too much.

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Your main problem could be transportation - these things are big enough and heavy enough a truck is the only mode of transport. If you have someone with a truck to get you back and forth to airgas, you'd be alright.


So total cost is:


$? - vehicle to transport tank to airgas and back

$XX-XXX - Hand truck/dolly rated for 500LB (preferably with wheel assist to bear the weight, so you only control speed going down the ramp)

$XX - cost in wood and hardware to build ramp

$XXX - cost of tank


That said, I think I've unloaded them both to team mates (pending payment), which I didn't expect to happen as quickly as it did. Apparently, 150L (I was wrong about 160L) for $170 is an attractive deal. I made no money on them. For non-team members I was looking for $400 however, which is still a very difficult price to find... If you have to ship these things, its $200-400 in freight costs as well because of weight/dimensions. I almost sold to Loud Silence, who I worked out a better price for, however these dewars are ugly gray things with a little rust and not the shiny stainless steel blingy looking ones so he lost interest.


So anyways, this issue is probably moot at the moment. However I'm keeping an eye out for more - I've gotten 3 of the exact same model in the past year, for a total cost of $400, and $70 in gas to pick them up. I imagine there are likely more to come onto the market, and if there are, they'll be posted at OCF again for team prices as well as here for public prices.


As far as holding, I like to use the LN2 within a month. In a month, you may lose a quarter tank if you do nothing but let it sit - they hold really well, but burn off is inevitable.

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