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Is it possible to search for the most popular CPU, GPU, mobo etc based on number of submissions?


As an extension to that, is it possible to search for the most popular component in a given class? 775.... 939.... Conroe...Callisto.... G92.... R580 etc etc





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I would like to up this thread.


In addition to the hardware class browsing it would be nice to make a search not only by exact CPU, but CPU class - P54C, Willamette, Thunderbird or even a socket class - Slot A, Slot 1, socket 478, socket 7. Or a combination of these. I think the way the Intel's processorfinder works - a way like that. But with the ability to be able to switch to the whole class. For example, Intel procfinder can show the E5000/6000 the E7000/8000 but can't show all them in a single list (because for Intel these are separate product line, though we now it's all Wolfdales).


And another one - the new submissions button. For example, I've examined all Geforce 6 results and I'm aiming to certain places in a couple of categories. So I'd like to see - what submissions were in Geforce 6 class in last week, month, three months.


Thank you :)

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