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The official GIGABYTE Year of the Snake Prize Draw thread.


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omg.. ya that is going to take some doing, there are what thousands of submits a month ?


Take the submission # at the start,

take the submission # at the end

Pick random number between the two

If it qualifies, it wins,

If not, pick new random number.


Could be the 1st,

could be the 500th

shouldn't take too long

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At the end of each period, we'll randomize the screenshots and go through them one by one. First one we come across is the lucky draw winner.


Yup, lots of effort! :D

So we do need a screen shot with the sub. Cause I can't tell from the cpuz link that the gigabutt skin was used...

more than 1 entry allowed?

If they are choosing it based on randomizing all the cpuz subs over a certain period of time, then it would seem spamming subs is the best option...

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