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[beta] HWBOT Prime - x86 / ARM / Windows / Linux / Mac bench

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That one yes, although you can update the kernel under Android as well (just not that one).


Btw, set the governor on performance, I've noticed the Exynos doesn't always scale even if needed.


Just flashed the 4.3 Cyanogen rom. Scoring about 1500 points now at 1.6GHz. Still quite a bit below the 2500 points on Linux.

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build.prop tweaks, kernel optimization, vm tweaks via scripts, governor, scheduler, etc.


For example, here's my score with tweaks and different vm lib, which is faster than stock one.


My previous score was in the 1570 range.

It can be probably increased further, but I've tweaked it for general performance and not especially for this benchmark.




PS: Question to RB: which build property is used for SoC detection?

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New version available, not with the ability to submit (automatically for best score), compare and log in. Far from a finished product, still learning android. The database is uat.hwbot.org, so you are not submitting against the production database.




Can someone please let me know whether the score is consistent? I did not touch the algorithm at all but the score om my Moto G is much lower (1800 -> 1200), but it seems there is something wrong with my Moto G als cpu load when idle is very high... I don't know why.

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