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SF3D OC Inflection point - It is alive finally!


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Hi all!


After months of testing and fine tuning, my baby is ready to go out.


She is easy to handle, she can take huge loads and she will be cheap to take :rofl:





Here are some sample Core i7 980X scores and that is beta 2 in there.

Intel Core i7 980X -Round number one! (Pifast, 3DM05 overall and 3DM05 single GPU WR) - XtremeSystems Forums

Here are some sample AMD Phenom II X6 scores:




Weight - 2.1kg

Height - 135mm

Diameter - 78mm



Here are the pictures of it:













These are made in Poland by Ryba and his friend. Reason for using Poland as a product place is very simple. Everything costs at least 3x less in there. Costs of this type of product in Finland would be ridiculous. Now I can produce these with a lot more lower costs :up:


Quality is very good, thanks for that Marcin!


That's all!


Interested? Contact the producer: ryba [at] purepc.pl

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Maybe speaking slightly out of turn about Vinces pots..... it would be nice IFFFFF a European pot-maker did some kind of deal/agreement with him about "licensed" pots, using Vinces schematics. Copper is cheaper in Europe, theres no customs charges to worry about and shipping would cost less.




thats a topic for another thread... or behind closed doors entirely.




Always nice to see a stack of pots Ryba :D Nice one! I like the look of the Fat GPU container..... wish my board had space for it :(

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I didn't know Vince opened up a EU distribution center...:rolleyes:


Keep that shit out of my thread.


In the Center there is 10 of my CPU pots. That is my design and there is nothing you can do about it.


In the left there is new fat GPU pots from ryba and it is new design too.


The rest of the picture is not my issues or stuff. If you have some issues with it, contact the producer, but do not try to crap in to this thread.

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OK.. here is the new picture of SF3D OC Inflection point.


What is new*

-New backplate

-New aluminium bracket

-New mounthing nuts





Insulation is included in full set.


Availability: Few available directly.

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Thread revival!


I thoroughy tested this pot in Helsinki last weekend and I must say that I'm (again) impressed by how it handles the 980X! The mounting (backplate etc) is a bit of a hassle in comparison to the Kingpin one, but in terms of temperature control this pot is certainly capable of doing what you want!


In fact ... I think I kind of bought one myself :D.

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I was using one with Sergio in Valencia... not for a LONG time... but a bit. I struggled to get on top of how fast it responds to LN2... sooooo fast. I was clicking more with the Otti pot.


Thats my problem though, not a problem with the design.

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