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ASUS Maximus V Extreme & ATI/AMD Radeon HD6xxx driver problem


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I have ASUS Maximus V Extreme

(that I buy by MaJ0r after ending ASUS Overclocking Cup)

BIOS 1604 (also try Shamino 0022)


Intel Core i5-3570K

2*8G Kingston HyperX Beast XMP-1866


ASUS Radeon HD6870 OC


Windows 8 x64


if I try install video driver higer than Catalyst 12.10 ( than I recieve error - "cannot read from specified device"




more info for russian speaking users here http://forum.asus.ru/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=87760


problem not in HD6870 - I try HD6870 on another motherboard ASUS P8B75-MLX - all drivers to Catalyst 13.2 beta 6 installed correctly and work.

and I try HD6450 on my ASUS Maximus V Extreme - same error "cannot read from specified device"


problem not in video drivers - why? answer:

my Windos 8 x64 I use on previously configuration ASUS P5Q Premium + Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 + ASUS U3S6 adapter + OCZ Solid3 120Gb + HD6870

on my previously configuration was installed all drivers from Catalyst 12.10 to Catalyst 13.2 beta 5 (all Catalyst 12.11 betas, Catalyst 13.1 WHQL, Catalyst 13.2 betas)

I install ASUS U3S6 adapter + OCZ Solid3 120Gb + HD6870 to new ASUS Maximus V Extreme and Windows 8 up and run, founded all hardware and installed all drivers - this is beginnig of February - Catalyst 13.2 beta 5 for HD6870 up and working correctly.


until Catalyst 13.2 beta 6 out and I decide to update driver.



I already try anything than I can.


install only 4GB memory

Install clean Windows 8 x64 on another SSD

remove adapters


nothing help - all drivers higer Catalyst 12.10 give error - "cannot read from specified device"


ASUS Tech Support only ask my try that, try that - but I already try everything.

also try Windows 7 - same story - all drivers higer Catalyst 12.10 give error - "cannot read from specified device"

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