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Swiftech H220 - " Teaser Preview ' part 1 of 2 entusiasth point of view.


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Swiftech H220



Teaser of my upcoming review of the Swiftech H220 all in one liquid cooling kit , fully upgradable and customizable.


What if there was an all in one liquid cooling kit fully upgradable that could be customized to your needs ? The wait is over Swiftech H220 all in one liquid cooling system is here and this kit can do that and much more. A quick teaser of what I have been working on for the last few days , installed on a i7-3770K in a loop with an MSI HD 7970 Lightning . added one Swiftech MCW-82 7900 Series vga water block to the loop and overclocked both cpu and gpu, what do you guys think the outcome will be ?


Part 1 of 2 of my review coming tomorrow ( Part 1 enthusiast point of view ) ( Part 2 24/7 use H220 complete review )


Now you can add more water blocks and radiators or anything you can think of , due to the powerful water pump that is variable from 1200rpm all the way to 3000rpm 12 volts 6 watts and controllable via pwm adjustable , the heavy and well made big cooper 2x120 Radiator can handle anything you trow at it , all of this while been completely silence. The game changer , the first all in one cooling kit that can be upgradable ,it will change the way you think about an all in one liquid cooling kit out in the market as of now. I will post a review from a enthusiast point of view and I will not bored you with fancy wording and complicated colorful charts ,instead I will go down and dirty straight to test the max performance of this all in one Swiftech H220 liquid cooling kit from my point of view and after extensive testing and adding water blocks. Enjoy it a little of what im working on , full review to be posted tomorrow. (Too much data to be organized )




Swiftech H220 all in one liquid cooling kit installed on i7 3770k overclocked to 4.6Ghz runiing 100% load prime 95 small ftt 100% stable , in the same loop I added my own MSI HD Lightning 7970 using a Swiftech MCW-82 7900 water block with some 3/8 black tubing overclocked to 1200/1600Mhz with added voltage running GPU-Z vga stress test gpu 100% load , both pieces of hardware were running 100% load for 1 hour cooled by the H220, amazing low temperatures for such hot running items on one single loop , it can handle that and much more ...


( *The sounds you hear on the video are coming from my big window air conditioner and not from the Swiftech H220 or the system running* )


Please check out the video and take a look at the temperatures , those settings were running for one hour non stop and then I took the video , controlled ambient temperature around 20c give or take 1 ~3 degrees:















Thank you Swiftech for the support !

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my sample is en route mate, love to see some different points of view...


Awsome my friend , im focusing on Max Performance on this review of the

H220 , looking forward to your testing to compare notes and different points of view.


Regards: Angelo

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