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Some clarification please


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With the existing Xtreme League rules.... and the new criteria & setup for the Pro (team) League..... what do benchers do if they are:


*think they are too-heavily supported to be in the Xtreme league


*employed or well supported by a particular company


*Using latest-Gen ES or non-released hardware


*submitting scores from company-supported events


*any other situations i've missed




At the moment, it feels like there is "a void" and some benchers have "nowhere to be"


I'd like to see all of this stuff clarified (and hopefully added to the rules/ league page)


Thanks :)

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Yes, that's correct. As I understand it, we limbo'ers will still get hardware and global points (and team power points), which will be applied to our total and to our team. We just won't have an individual rank, per se'. The results will still be listed in the hardware rankings, but we aren't competing in an individual league.

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Hmmm... So the rankings and all of that stuff effectively continue... they're just not publicized now?


To explain, if a Pro Cup member of OCN was to submit an 8800GTX score, it would get scored as normal, he just wouldn't receive the points for the Pro Cup?




The Pro OC Cup benchmark submissions are technically of the same type like the submissions you make in the Team Cup, Country Cup or any other HWBOT competition. They count towards the Team in the same way all other submissions do. The only difference between the previous Pro OC League and the current Pro OC Cup is that Pro OC members are no longer ranked individually in a ranking based on their benchmark result portfolio, but solely based on the Cup.


A Pro OC Cup participant can contribute to the main team in the same way they could before. Nothing changed in that regard.

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so just to clarify, I have no league now? im not allowed in OC league


Anybody who is not 100% sponsored can move back to XOC league.


Only few members are not allowed to go back like Andre or Vince for obvious reasons. Mind that you are not allowed to use latest gen ES CPUs in the XOC league tho.

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Nick Shih!! Elmor!! Kinc! Y'know... those guys that no-one has ever heard of :P :p


I remembered Nick 2 minutes after posting :P


I didn't know Elmor and Kinc worked for some companies. I just recently read that Dino is a jigga emplyee, too:p I don't really pay much attention, do I?!? Though it's not about working for a company in the end, it's what sort of support you get. You sit there killing Titans like a mofo (like Vinbo is doing these days), you're for sure a pro. You work for Gigabyte and get a UP7 or two... that's something completely different. I guess Dino has access to more than that, though:D

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