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how to run pcmark04 on win7 ? :)


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i think he meant the problem if your cpu is too fast or you have too many cores.

you have disable them for the "multithreaded test 3" (grammar check will fail) with the "affinity by time" tool.


yap, tried doing that but without much success :( but heres the funny part, I also tried disabling all but 1 core from bios and same fail

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Another way is to run superpi several times during the multithreaded test 3.


Quick guide:


1. Open PCMark04

2. Open SuperPi several times (it depends on your cpu how often you need it. Maybe 4-5 times. Mind that you need several copies of the superpi.exe in different folders)

3. Select the 2M test and prepare to run. Click "OK" on the first window and keep the second window "Now start to calculate 2M digits of Pi"

4. Prepare all of the SuperPi you opened and put all the "Now start to calculate 2M digits of Pi" over eachother so you can start them all pretty fast by clicking okay on the same position

5. Run PCMark04 and select the SuperPi window very very fast. Don't hit the OK button tho. If you're not fast enough the benchmark will abort.

6. Wait until the Multithreaded test 2 (File Decompression, Image Processing) is almost over and start all the SuperPi 2M runs at once

7. Close the SuperPi windows after calculation of Multithreaded Test 2 is done. Don't click anything else tho or the benchmark will abort.

8. Wait until PCMark04 is done



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