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I thought about opening a thread in the marketplace like "Free Hardware, take what you want but shipping costs from Switzerland are super expensive and was shitty hardware anyway".


And this way I am sure nobody will use my stuff... EVER!


Explosives aren't allowed here, used hammer instead.









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Imagine the historians digging Ney's hardware grave 1000 years later.


"The Hwcaust was the mass murder or genocide of computer parts during the HWBOT wars, a programme of systematic state-sponsored murder, led by Christian Ney throughout Ebay-occupied territory".

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Hahahahaha ... awesome you just made my started day with a big laugh , you should do like Bob and I do , we shoot the hardware that gives us trouble or die with real live guns , just ask Bob about his last 5870 lightning that suffer death by a 357 Magnum bullet hole :D , there is pictures of that poor lightning with a big hole on the core :P. Ney kill it with fireeeeeeee ... and post a picture :celebration: Bro thanks for the laugh of the day you are one funny guy with a great sense of humour.


Kind Regards: Angelo.

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my friends and i back in the day would pay $1 to this guy who would give us 10 motherboards for each dollar, he said they were taken out of older systems, like the ones you have basically, and that some of them worked. He was right, some of them worked, but we wanted to have fun and we were in our early teens(like many of you). So we decided to go buy gasoline, take a big piece of wood and set motherboard on fire, I had a very big backyard and no one could see what we were doing, but we would make motherboard bonfires, and at night it was magical to see the capacitors go boom and make fireworks(god bless electrolytic), then we figured out that the smoke wasn't too good for us.


However we found the solution, using 87 octane gas produced black smoke, but using 93 octane produced white smoke, so if you are going to burn motherboards, use the highest octane gas they sell at your gas station. Definitely don't go and get jet fuel or anything, i think that stuff blows up instead of burn.

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