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Maximus V Formula, POST code 76


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I'm copying this from KPC forums, maybe more people will see it here.



I haven't used my M5F for 2 months and now when I tried to fire it up it gives me a POST code 76. Last time it was working fine - it was for the XS low clock challenge. CPU was on water and RAM on air. Then I put it aside.


What I tried:


- 1 stick RAM in all slots, different modules with different ICs

- no ram installed at all

- bios flashback with 0804 and 0095 from a USB stick (renamed to M5F.CAP, hold ROG connect button for some seconds, then release when it starts to blink)

- reseat cpu

- GO button


I don't have another cpu to test, but there are no bent pins in the socket and cpu should be in tact.

Measured voltages with DMM and they are all fine.


What should I do?

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