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Fusion rev 3.1 by der8auer


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If needed, just ship stuff to my place and I'll take care of it. Just make sure you do priority shipping so it arrives in Taipei on time :D.


Good idea :) Will propably send some stuff over then.



good looking stuff with the exception of the obvious :). But whats that thin black tube looking thing with a hex head at the bottom of the picture?


Like IMOG guessed the threaded rods are protected inside these pipes for the shipping :)


btw: the boxes on the right side are the packaging of the mounting plates.

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  • Crew

Germany-near Stuttgart




Argentina - Castelar


Across the World= 11.344 Kms, miles dont know :P




Here they are in Buenos Aires The "8ECC Fusion 3.1"








And thanks so much Roman for the jellybeans, my doughter and me, very grateful for that :D





More pics in Facebook :)



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Frosty Fusion 3.1 and Raptor 3... This 4890 is the first card I ever ran on cold a couple years ago. It has no cold bug, and its had the absolute snot kicked out of it... But I hit the highest clocks I've ever ran on it with the Raptor 3. Got about 20MHz extra on the core in 3DMark2001 for 1230MHz. The Fusion 3.1 I liked running as well, but need to get used to it some more - I didn't find any immediate clock advantages so far. Need to spend more time with it and see what I think.


Just starting out:




Getting colder:




Just before I had to tear down and get ready to leave:






Was great meeting mikecdm for the first time. He really enjoyed beating me in 3dm2001 on my own rig:



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