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[eXtreme-roundup] 26 Thermal Compounds tested


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I started long ago to test a lot of Thermal Compounds too but my methode seemed to not be as accurate as I wanted.


Y u no tested without themal paste at all ? :D


I did test but removed it from the chart because of the too high value :D Only on air tho.



That is AWESOME. Thanks Roman!!!!


I'd like to add some info for readers..... there is more to consider than just thermal conduction at a given temperature..... you will also need to consider the characteristics of the component and the benchmarks you will be running.


For example: G80. Hot silicon, with a coldbug and benchmarks with short periods of low-load in-between tests. The best thermal paste for them is a SLOWER one so the card does not crap out ;) Using Romans table, a good paste for this situation can still be picked ;)


very nice work there fella. solid review.


Thanks :)



Great work, thanks for your effort to bring this to us....


Thanks and you're welcome!



Very Good review Roman , I can take me one hours to read everything in English but is very instructive, really great work here :ws:


:D Also took me hours to write/translate it so I can understand that :D At least the diagramms should be easy to read.



This is probably the best thermal paste review I've read so far!


Thanks a lot!



Great review mate. I've always liked guys sitting down and doing tests like this for themselves to determine what is truth and what's BS. Thanks for sharing! The process of discovering is what is really interesting and rewarding. I hope it inspires others to approach their benching or testing methodology the same as you have done this test. Threads like this certainly give me motivation to work harder at everything I do :celebration:


Thanks mate - realy appreciate that. After testing the first 22 on air one of my thermocouples broke and I had to do about 18 hours of work again. That was so damn frustrating :D



Great job :)


From my experience mostly there isn't big difference in max screen and so on, but thermal pastes differently "hold" stress on ln2. With Gelid I mostly get much higher MHz clocks in benchies which test Physx like 3DMark11 CPU test or 3DMark Firestrike.


I would also test EVGA Frostbite "no name silver based thermalpaste in Taipei which few many Taiwan overclockers used for years". I really like this thermal paste :)


That's true. Without load the temperatures were almost equal at -150°C with all thermal pastes. But with high load on the CPU the results were different.

EVGA Frostbite is not that good from my experience. I used it with GTX580 Lightning a while ago and I wasn't happy about it at all. Moved to Gelid then.



great review!


great effort and easy to understand while still having the important information.


so have you got any spares? :D:P


Yea a lot. Have a big box with thermal pastes laying around here. About 200 Gelid Extreme (which I bought myself tho :D) and about 50 of the others.



Excellent review mate!!


thanks for sharing!




Thanks :)



good job der8auer, this test is bigg pita lot of ppl will appreciate ur work!


Thank you!



Thanks for sharing this Roman


Danke :)



Fixed the opening post (spelling). I'll sticky this one too :)


Thanks a lot for that PJ!



One of the most useful reviews ever. Thanks a heap!


Glad to hear that :)



If you can get your hands on some Coollaboratory Liquid Pro... I'm very interested to see how that performs subzero.


I'll test this soon. Had a lot of requests for that and I'm also curious about the result. Propably 1-2 weeks.



Very nicely done and very useful information here. thank you for the hard work and for sharing all this useful data.


Regards: Angelo


Thank you :)



very nice review man! So, now for LN2 Gelid Extreme :) (I used MX4)


Yes Gelid or D9000 are the way to go :)



thanks for this great :) very nice



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Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the hard work you did, but is there any specific reason you didn't do a full-pot LN2 test instead of -150, thus eliminating the need of constant pouring while trying to keep temperature at -150?

Plus full pot will be more interesting since Ivy goes all the way down and beyond LN2 temps, not mentioning all AMD chips since Deneb.

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Like the others, thank you for all this effort, looks like I'll be retiring the paste I have been using for years... Old faithful AS5/Ceramique.


Thanks a bunch




I went from Ceramique, to MX-2 and have been satisfied with the change.


I used ceramique because I do so many mountings with regular subzero benching, and it was especially cheap for the big tube. MX-2 wasn't as cheap, but I could get a 65g tube so it fit the bill: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835186057


So for 65 grams, its less than a dollar a gram.


As far as pastes go, >$1/gram is pretty expensive. Lots of options at $1/gram. Few options that are decent <$1/gram. Gelid Extreme is $2.70/gram or more. I can't find anywhere that you can even buy Junpus d9000.

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