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GSkill, A-Data, Samsung and more - DDR3-Ram


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the following memory kits are going on sale as I downgrade my main Test-rig


jd80129990eq8.jpg jd8012791ye52.jpg


1. 2x2GB GSkill Flare 2000 7-9-7-24 1,65v


Mint condition, fully working, fan included if buyer is willing to pay for the then higher shipping cost




2. 2x2 GSkill RijawX 2133 c9 GBXMD 1,50v


Mint condition, fully working, including box and fan which will raise shipping cost internationally :D






3. 3x2GB SuperTalent Chrome 1600 7-7-7-21+ 1x2GB Patriot 1800 C8 LL


Bought the Chrome new a few months ago, technical and optical like new, the LL stick has Heatspreaders removed, but these are still xistent, need new pads. All four sticks are built with Elpida Hyper


jd801292btd2g.jpg jd8012936sfna.jpg




4. 4x2GB SuperTalent 1600 8-8-8-18


Good technical and optical condition, in spite of passing memtest way below specified voltage at my rigs these tend to have compability problems at 1155 platform- therefore ideal for all other ddr3 systems but not advised for 1155 use ;)




5. 2x4GB Samsung generics 1333c9 (M378B5273DHO-CH9 )


2gbit Samsung d-HCH9 ICs, technical and optical good condition, 100% oc at cas11 at 1,65v ran easily at some tests.




Prices in Euros, excl. shipping

1. 90 Euros sold

2. 75 Euros

3. 70 Euros

4. 35 Euros sold

5. 50 Euros sold


Please sent PM for shipping costs, I will try to find the cheapest safe way to send.


Best regards



Usual disclaimer, no returns, and no warranty by me and items are sold as described, on oc your results may be better or worse referring to hardware used

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