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Nvidia stock GPU dryice/ln2 container

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It will work of course, but pipes are useless if using dice or ln². Leak tests mandatory yeah! :D


It's been sealed with Dow Corning 702, should be sealed well..I think..I hope ..:D


I will use crushed dryice in small flavours, I think heavy benching with this pot is out of the question :D:D

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Haha thnx guys lol

You think it will explode? :-D


Nah, but subzero they will not transfer heat (effeciently)

However sweet idea for making it cheap, I believe that those good old blocks will do quite good in generel... I recall Swiftech having some heavy devils, massive Cu blocks.... Bet they'd do very well.


Something like the MCX462-U, just with Cu pins.... Obviously wont work very well with DICE, but LN2 on the other hand!

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