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Cascade anyone? 3770K + Maximus V Formula soon...


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time to use that nice market place HWBOT gave us and bring some "heavy guns" in here :D


Some real collectable and unique items I need to sale due to other things on the horizon ;)


1. Custom unique dual-stage cascade


90475540.th.jpg 47194573.th.jpg 8800gtxfreeze.th.jpg 8800u2.th.jpg

8800u1.th.jpg 8800u3.th.jpg dscf3006u.th.jpg

Here are some results and more things I did with it...


-80 to -85°C fully loaded with most of the CPUs

Price: starts @500€ w/o shipping

pickup only (east germany at request)


some more after AF-team-session :cool:

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Here is the promised update!




MVE + 3770K week 18 C017 (6.5 3D @1.825V, 6.75+ 1.85V, never maxed) + Corsair Dominator CL7 1200+

275 + 345 + 80 = 700 incl. shipping within EU BUNDLE ONLY!!!

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