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5.76 GHz 2600K + ASUS MIVE


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Hello everyone!

I'm selling my 2600K and MIVE, I don't need them anymore as I upgraded to Phenom II X4...lol ;)





This CPU has hit 5.76 GHz at -30 to -40c, benches 3D around 5.7 and 2D from 5.70-5.75 depending on the benchmark (ie, wPrime 1024M vs SuperPi)...


The MIVE unfortunately has a corrupt Intel Management Engine on both BIOS chips, the board runs and works fine except BCLK is locked at 100 MHz.


This is pretty easily fixable, I can give directions to the buyer, or the buyer can contact ASUS for repair as the board should still be in warranty until next year IIRC. The BIOS chips are removable as well, if you would like to just buy a drop-in BIOS replacement from ebay or somewhere else.


Price is $380 shipped CONUS, $400 shipped worldwide for both the board and the CPU.






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