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Intel Haswell Overclocking Fully Disclosed - Theory For Core i7 4770K!


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Any new thoughts about "is L3 cache running at core or ring frequency" thing? What would you guys think if core AND ring frequency boost L3 cache performance at a 2/3 (core) and 1/3 (ring) relationship? Wouldn't it be a nice idea that L3-cache runs at core frequency and ringbus only boosts the interface between the cores and the L3-cache?


Given L3-cache and ring share one clock domain in fact and run at the same frequency - for what reasons would the core frequency affect synthetic L3 performance values much more than the ring frequency or e. g. CPU NB clock frequency of AMD CPUs?

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If I recall the IDF presentation correctly, the Intel engineers mentioned that "even though the Ring Bus frequency can be adjusted, they have not seen major performance gains in the labs". And then they asked the reviewers and power users to test it themselves :D

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can someone plz advise me how to play with rtl-settings on maximus?

if i change one setting one step up or down i get 55 no matter what volts....

i get non consistent rtl=changes after reboots on auto and i think this is only setting effecting 3d11mark pysx score.(maybe interesting for massman in x79 pysx).

thanks in advance

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Bascom my way to adjust RTLs @M6E is as follows:

1. Set all RTLs & RTL-IOs to desired values iat the same time. (eg. 39/39/40/40 4/4/4/4 - do not change only one parameter).

2. Start adjusting RTL initial value in small steps from 63 to smth like 40 (63, 61, 59 etc) trying to post/train with a given RTL initial value.


For my PSC kit @2600 I was able to adjust rtls from 42/42/47/45 4/4/9/7 to 41/41/42/42 4/4/4/4 with RTL initial value of 44.


I beleive RTL initial value is a key for successful post.

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thx very much xtreme addict.

its better then before now,but i am still not able to put values manuell.

best score i get is with 39\40\40\41 and this is only sometimes after boots if i am lucky

only rtl initial value i can do manuell.


does more ramvolt help you with lower rtl?-me is not getting lower values.


thx terraraptor-will try and report.


ex:my last 3 boots on rtl-auto:39\39\40\41 ; 39\39\40\40 : 39\40\41\40


my sys:max6gene 1002-17600cl7 pi-1:9 2424mhz cl8-11-8

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