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The official ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2013 thread.


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Thanks for the flight times. It seems I will be lonely few hours :D


I will be waiting you in the Hotel if I can not hang out with Slamms, smoke etc..


See you all in Friday!

It will be fun to see some new people and of course the old farts too :D

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All right guys, a few updates.


By now all of you should have noticed that the live is happening here: (as usual) http://overclocking-tv.com/live

Scoreboard is here: http://asus-open.com/grid


Now the Stage 1 is over since an hour or so, and Stage 2 (01 and 11) are ending in about 50 minutes. We've just posted a summary of what happened in stage 1 for you to catch up: http://www.overclocking-tv.com/content/events/18989/aooc-stage-1-report-2d-benching/'>http://www.overclocking-tv.com/content/events/18989/aooc-stage-1-report-2d-benching/




Also if you are lazy to read, check out the video here:


More soon!



Oh yeah and I forgot: pictures form OCTV are available here:


And Remember All OCTV content is licensed under a creative common license 3.0 BY-NC-SA. So please feel free to share, spread, re-use, re-publish any of our contents (partially or entirely). As long as you stage the specific sources and give credit as it should be ;) Enjoy!

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  • Crew

Interviews with the top3 Teams: Enjoy and feel free to share / re-post on your local forums.





(sorry it's in french - of course ^^ )




Epic event vlad, loved it. Extreme internet :)

Aftermovie following soon!

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I also want to thank ASUS and Vlad for this awesome event.Congrats to all winners of AOOC. Although in the second stage,me and FireKillerGR had been the most of the time in the top three,we lost two positions in the last half hour.After a not good run of 03 and while ending time,we tried a last run of 3dmark 11 that was very promising(more than 22000 gpu score)but when it finished we realized that we had still the HT closed and the physics score was a disaster :(

Anyway we had a lot of fun,met a lot of great guys and hope to see this great competition again next year :celebration:

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