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The official ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2013 thread.


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One team consist of 2 overclockers from 1 country. Second teammate must be overclocker too, please share him nickname in comments. Girlfriends are not allowed.


Ahahahahah LOL :D :D



Good Luck for the events and those who will be participating, hopefully next year ASUS can make this worldwide :)

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I really like this rule about no girlfriends. It was what few ocers told a lot of times. Such events are the greatest thing for ocers, greatest reward and bonus from their hobby/passion, and it hurt eyes when some ocers took girlfriends for MOA/GOOC, which were not interested in OC and wanted to end it as fast as it's possible and start sight seeing the city or go to a club to dance. For girls such events were only a trip to exotic place and live OC contest was an unpleasant duty/price which they had to pay to have some fun in foreign country... It's much more better to take to a team other ocer, even not the best, but ocer (for whom it would be a great fun) who can help the other ocer. Different ideas, two heads are not a one head ;)

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