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Wanted (posted to the UK) Asus P5E3/ P5E64/ similar


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I need an X38/X48 775 board that takes DDR3, made by Asus :D


Rampage Extreme NOT preferred.


Slight pref to X38


Something with a nice NB would be good, but I don't need the BEST. 625FSB/ 950MHz 7-6-6 RAM capable is fine. More is also fine :D


P5E3 Deluxe


Maximus Extreme


P5E3 Premium?

P5E64 WS Evo?




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Thankyou, I shall go a-hunting :D



EDIT: wow, U.S. prices are just as mental as UK ones, if not worse! Why are these boards holding their value so well???

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damn, i forgot that my best cpu is only capable running around fsb595.

you can look at my e-8500 + 8600 results.


with all volts on lowest i can reach around 510 fsb with 5:8 divider pl-9.


and max in screens:

strap:333\pl-9\nb-1,45v\vtt-1,16v all other volts lowest




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