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StrategosSan - Core i7 3770K @ 6632MHz - 4min 55sec 266ms SuperPi - 32M


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...............You are from France right? :)

So you have almost an hour left or so for you to upload a resault as for the Super-Pi 32M with the 3930 CPU of yours because I think that they say "Use ONLY ONE CPU" - maybe for ALL benchies and it will be a shame to "cut you out" because of this after ALL these days that you have spent to bench. :(


I hope I'm wrong on this...... :(

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When I read it as they write it down, I was in the same impression as you.

BUT they could "manipulate" it as they wish as it is written... :(

They MUST write things down with more details and explain a bit what they mean ... :)

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Ok, but serioulsy, we know that NOBODY made 32M with Titan, so come on, if you (or they) manipulate rule, they have to remove all 32M submition made without titan...



mtech -> remove

smoke -> remove

tm3k -> remove

Aristidis -> remove

Ananerbe -> remove

giorgioprimo` -> remove



So all faster submition that ours have to be remove to... So it's not a probleme, if we "lost" 32M, all top9 will lost submition to duue to "Use 1 videocard core(s) in total" :). So I'm not worrie


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