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FS Biinned 3770K 6.7Ghz 3d / 6.8Ghz spi32m / 6.9Ghz spi1m


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Binned 3770K bought from KPC around January and benched ONLY 2 times . No degrade signs ... working like the 1st time. It's a box CPU and will be sold with box & fan also.

Can run 3dmarks 5ghz @ 1.27V aircooled (ultra 120 with a slow RPM fan) .








I'm asking for 400 Euros shipping inclulded to Europe & USA

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I'm very interesting, 5G 4C/8T @1.27G for vantage ? or 03 ??? It's not the same ;)

Already used on LN2 ?


Edit : I just read the title... shame on me..


Just show me some screen and I take it

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It's 1.27v for 3dmark 01 , 03 , 05 .

I havent tried cpu tests .


Tested only 2 times on LN2 . First attempt i run the single threaded 2D tests (spi & pifast) which you can find in my profile .





I also run some 3D tests like :





Second time i used it on ln2 was for the AOCC contest where i only run spi32m : http://hwbot.org/submission/2381022_stelaras_superpi___32m_core_i7_3770k_4min_46sec_344ms


It can do around 6.20-6.25ghz 3d @ -110C cascade cooled : http://hwbot.org/submission/2347731_

I didn't push voltage higher as i wanted the cpu to last .


Overal , i'm pretty sure there is more to it as i didn't push the voltage hard and i only used MX2 thermal paste . With a better one like gelid extreme maybe you can squeeze 20-30 mhz .

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