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Is this allowed?

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These 3 submissions are from the same computer, motherboard and the same rams...at various SuperPi speeds...with the same screenshots.....being used and submitted by the same team with 3 different user names.


Is this even allowed?


1 - http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1014658_lamaocqq_superpi_core_i3_540_8sec_125ms


2 - http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1014729_hanghangaocqq_superpi_core_i3_540_8sec_140ms


3 - http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1014772_juehoaocqq_superpi_core_i3_540_8sec_172ms

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IMHO ,the punishments for hardware sharing should be much harsher. People submit results having ticked a box to say the submission complies with rules.


1st offence... warning. 2nd offence... 1-week ban. 3rd offence... 1-month ban. 4th offence... banned? Too lenient?


Hardware sharing... Mip.... the people who do it are losers IMHO

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Which brings back the topic about scores from events with hardware that the overclockers don't own shouldn't be submitted or awarded with points.


I don't quite understand, the event only run a few 3D06, and operated solely by me, and my own rig? How can it be shared? Can you give me some links for your claimed sharing score please? :)

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