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Software for vCore on ref GTX480/580


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I did the OCP mod as shown:




Now i'm struggling to find software that will let me take the vCore over 1.21v. I've tried Asus SmartDoctor, nVInspector (of course) and Afterburner with the voltage unlock tool.... it cannot find the patching location.


Any help appreciated :)

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I tried 2.1 + volt unlock. The slider goes to 1.40v, but if I "Apply" more than 1.21v, the slider jumps back to 1.21v :( It's confirmed by a hard readpoint.


It's progress of some kind... at least voltunlock can patch now!

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This thread interesting also me. I have a MSI GTX 580 TWIN FRROZ II and I havn't do mod. With MSI AFTERBURNER i can go to 1.15V. For 1.23V have you mod the bios K404 ?

Have you used ASUS GPU TWEAKER ?


For reach 1.213V (software), unlock the BIOS with FBE.


If you have unmodded (K404 mod) ref card and you wish more volts, you will try with 1.6.0x version of the MSI Afterburner for bypass the limit (the GTX 580 ref has same voltage regulator of the GTX 480 ref, so, i think this version of MSI AB can work this "trick" for GTX 580.





Have you tried the BenchZowner firmware mod for disable protections?





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