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Haswell/Broadwell SuperPI 32M 5G Challenge


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Guest Bullant
Thanks Bull, will have to settle for silverware but I think I just need a lucky run with a good waza or somehow figure out how to get 1375 c6 to finish pi:D

Im sure you'll get it,only a mater of time

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Updated opening post (+ improve query)

Hey Massman,what do you mean by this? ^^ improve query?Are you asking how is it a improvement over my last time? If you are the first run was 6-10-6-26 -trfc 70-2800Mhz and the second run was 6-10-6-24-tRFC 64-2800Mhz.Also with a fresh OS and better waza run Ill see more improvements on this last run,I can always record my runs if you like?

Edited by Bullant
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Heh, no worries Bullant.


I mean I improved the sql query to gather more results. There was a problem with subs not being included if the motherboard wasn't linked to a mb in the database.


Oh, ok thanks Massman

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