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ludek111 - K7Upgrade-880 @ 274.1MHz - 274.11 MHz Reference Clock


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vNB - bestV is: 2.00-2.05V. Above 2.10V - mobo had freezes. vCpu ~1.7V, vDimm 2.7V. Temperature on NB about -20*C. I had no sensor to measure it. TEC (peltier cooling) gave me ~4 MHz more than AIR. KT880 is the first VIA chipset ever with Dual Channel support and it has quiet good mem controller. I made ~270 MHz mems with 2.7 V. KT600 is not as fast as NForce2, but is very overclockable. KT880 has good performance because of DualChannel. Memory read almost 2.5 GB/s is good result on SocketA. First thing I thought was "LOL it looks like it has AGP-SLI!" :) (u can upgrade to s754 CPU via 'agp-like' slot) Interesting mainboard anyway.

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