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ROG mobo shipment delay?


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M6E available here in the usa fo show


check this: http://www.shopblt.com/item/asus-maximus-vi-extreme-z87-lga1150-atx/asus_maximusviextreme.html


in stock: -30

incoming : 32


means they only got 2 more than they already have pre-order for? IMO that is either low demand b/c of price or maybe there is a delay with something.

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Still not a single M6E tho
Given the circumstance I actually worked with one today, Bavaria not longer seems to be part of the Federal Republic of Germany. :D (Yay, separatism :P)


On a serious note: Samples are out, so I expect retail availability of the M6E before the end of the month. But we will see ...

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Still no ROG boards in Bulgaria. There was Gene for a while, but no other models even listed in the sellers' websites :(

Seems like I will have to import it from another country without warranty and higher price it I want a ROG board.

No ASrock OCF, too. There are some Gigabyte boards only and nothing else...

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