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The Gigabyte Z87/Haswell Overclocking(OC) Guide


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X07 bios version for Gigabyte Z87X-OC actually good for memory OC. But it have strange bug. I uses GeIL Evo Veloce memory kit (MFR, single sided, 2x4). It's freq is 2400 with CL11. So, if I doesn't use XMP Profile or Team Australia Extreme Overclocking profiles - it can't run on stock with manual timings. When I load memory profiles and after tuning timings manually - everything goes cool.


And one thing that I want - it is displaying current timings (also & sub) in BIOS. Because when all timing in auto, it's displays not correct timings, it dislplays spd timings.


PS: my review Gigabyte Z87X-OC in Russian here. I really like that mobo.

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Hi boys...I have done Yesterday a bench session with my Z87X-OC on Lan2...today I setup My system for new session, but the mboard set the multi on 8x and the frequency is locked to 800mhz...i try to flash new bios X08, to use the backup F3 bios but nothing...always frequency locked to 800 MHz...I have try other 4770K, nothing....What can I do?

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I've been using my 4670K with a triple channel kit, GSkill PI 1600MHz 3x2GB CL7 PSC @ 2200MHz 8-10-8-24-74-1T 1.85v, I want to add more 2GB to the system to get a total of 8GB but do not want to lose the ability my triple channel kit have to oc.


I found a second hand triple channel kit like mine, GSkill PI 1600MHz 3x2GB CL7 but with different chips... 0660 = Elpida non-Hyper, my kit is 1040 = PSC.


The idea was to buy another triple channel kit and use 2GB from this kit along with my 3x2GB PSC kit... I'll I get the same overclock that I get now?... or will I need a 2GB module with the same chips?

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Hy boys...I have a strange problems with my Z87X-OC mboard...

When i bench on LN2 I set PWM PHASE to EXTREME PERF but there is something strange. If i set vcore to 1.385V for example, CPU-Z shows me 1.385V and it's ok, but if i misure with a tester the real frequency it's 1.340V in full load...


It's correct or not ? it vdrops....




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Leave all advanced Power settings on Auto ;)

1.73V Bios/Cpu-Z is 1.78V real ;)

Why change Power settings on Giga :D No need!


In my case there isn't so MOOSE...I check with tester and the real frequency is lower than bios frequency, also in full load...I try with power option all in AUTO...It's mboard issue ?

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Both your settings and volts are accurate. Thats the haswell architecture basically and it also gets affected by temperature. Getting cpu colder will raise vcore!


On LN2 i saw that cpu vcore it's near whose I set in bios...but never higher...It's normal ?

I listened that on ASUS the vcore is always higher than whose you set in bios...

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  • Crew
We follow intel design closely. Boards treat cpus well. I don't hear of that many cpu deaths on Gigabyte. The cpus are clocking great on oc boards, basically enjoy it man!


i can agree here


i have lost a cpu on each brand, except gigabyte. and i bench gigabyte the most

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