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SF3D OC Gathering XI - Powered by Jimm's PC Store


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Hi all!


I posted this thread directly on off topic section, cause whole event have been like that every time since 2008 :D

It is meant to be OC gathering, but usually it have been just awesome weekend with good friends!


This year won't do any difference, I think!


People who take part are (Nicknames): Neoforce, Slamms, Smoke, Tiborr, Xtreme Addict, Pepinorang, Giorgioprimo, Mean Machine, Asmola, Macci and me SF3D.


So, on Friday we will go here to relax (Beer, Vodka and Sauna):



Saturday is bench day and we have plenty of 4770K's, VGA's and some secret hardware to bench.

After benching we will head to City festival in Tampere to look how we party in Finland.


Weather won't be good this year, but I think it doesn't matter that much :D

We will keep you informed how it goes here!


(LN2 and Food will be delivered by Jimm's PC store!)

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