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Are you running the latest AGESA microcode?

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Almost forgot to cross-post this one as well.


As you know, the CPU microcode is used to fix some hardware related problems. Intel has it, and so does AMD. Usually you will not notice any of the errata (=problems) in daily computing, but sometimes it happens. I'm sure you all remember the famous Phenom TLB-bug. Usually, it is very important to have the latest CPU microcode as that one would contain all the latest fixes. Sometimes you would actually want to use older microcode to have better performance. For example, in the Core 2 era we were all using an old microcode to get those really fast SuperPI 1M benchmark results.


The Stilt compiled a list of the AGESA code versions of most of the 970/990 AMD motherboards for our reference. If you're using the Bulldozer patch, you might want to know what AGESA version you're using! It's possible that since this list, there has been BIOS releases with the latest AGESA code. If you find any, please drop a message in the forum.


Due the old AGESA version the microcodes are outdated too:


Zambezi (OR-B2) - Installed: 06000626 (01/04/2012), The most recent version: 0600063D (03/06/2013).

Vishera (OR-C0) - Installed: 06000817 (05/24/2012), The most recent version: 06000822 (01/03/2013).


Version 0600063D (OR-B2) contains 10 errata fixes, while the 06000822 (OR-C0) fixes 8.


Zambezi microcodes marked with red > 06000629 still have the Valve CEG fault present.


Latest code versions

  • OrichiPI: V1.5.0.5
  • Vishera µcode: 06000822
  • Zambezi µcode: 0600063D

Known Updated AGESA Bioses


- ASRock 990GX-Extreme9 P1.30A beta (thanks to MacClipper)


The Stilt's List (date 18/07/2013)


Google Docs Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmrJDSo8k6JYdGw1akQ3TnhNUTZnZHBUNENCeW5YVXc#gid=0




Previous versions:

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Is there a changelog on the microcode? Or, in other words, is there any reason why users should be worried for not having the latest microcode?


Some of the errata can be only patched by the microcode.

Most of the fixes can be done with AGESA but not all.

That's why it is necessary to have both of them up to date.


The change logs do exist but they are not public.

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Would the changes impact performance of Zambezi chips?

I have been using BDC x64 R1.02b while gaming. I am running a decent, but not extreme overclock on my FX-8150 @~4.5Ghz. This update seems to improve stability *tremendously*. While playing Battlefield 4, I have not been having freeze/crash issues while utilizing this. My experience has been fantastic. I recommend this highly for Crossfire users who overclock to gain scaling performance.


I ask this to respond to Gigabyte Support. I am trying to coerce them into updating the microcode for my motherboard's BIOS, even though the VRMs are too weak to support the latest Vishera chips (FX-9xxx). They seem to have responded negatively to overclockers in the past with this motherboard (990FXA-UD3 v1.1).

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